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RPG regarding the ongoing Protests of Opposition in Yerevan/Armenia
The Republican Party of Georgia closely observes the ongoing occasions in the capitol of neighbor Armenia and is unequivocally considering them as actions towards the protection of democratic values and rights. The actions are led by the political party with liberal ideology, which openly opposes against the Armenian striving into the Russia-dominated Euro-Asian union, and at the same time is the flagship towards the European integration of the country. 

In our opinion, after the constitutional amendments, the government of Armenia implemented only spurious changes in the real political life of the country, as it innocently moved from the authoritarian presidential governance into the model of parliamentarian republic, but indeed there established the clan-authoritarian system of the so called “prime-minister-power” by the same political figures and persons.     

Once more our reservations about them have been proven by the cynical behavior of current leader of Armenian government. Namely, he immediately fulfilled the threats against the opposition leader Nicol Pashinian, which he has before expressed briefly and openly through the public broadcasting TV of the country. As following, Pashinian and other leaders of opposition, three members of parliament among them, have been took out by police forces away from actions, have been arrested in the streets of Yerevan and faced with the absurd accusations against them.      

The Republican Party of Georgia expresses full support to the Armenian opposition and   recognizes, that the current evens in Yerevan are aimed to the neutralization of the destructive influence of Russia in Armenia and in the whole Region, to the peaceful solution of territorial conflicts of the region without Russia, and to equal involvement and self-responsibility for the achievement of the long-term security in the region.       

The Republican Party of Georgia is intended, that there are going, as they called themselves “velvet fight” by the citizens of Armenia and especially by the new generation, which are aimed to the European values and future, which needs some support from Georgia in terms of experience share, exchange of ideas and civil dialogues.     

The Republican Party of Georgia will use all its mechanisms and international connections among the European Liberal-Democratic Alliance (ALDE) and Liberal International Organization, in order that the Armenian government to free immediately the political prisoners and to create the conditions of such dialogue with the opposition, which will be oriented on the implementation of real changes into the direction of liberal democracy, of the protection of human rights, social-economic and humanitarian cares.      

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